Introducing NH3 Plus-12 Comprehensive Screw Compressor Coverage


What is the NH3 Plus-12 Coverage?

Add an additional 12 months of warranty coverage to our existing 12 month screw compressor rebuild warranty for an unbeatable 2 year warranty!

What do I have to do?

Since you have already made a wise choice in choosing NH3 Plus to rebuild your screw compressor, simply make another wise decision.  Choose to replace your existing oil with NH3 Plus ARO 717-HC Oil and replace you existing oil filters with the Frick Super Filter II and you will receive NH3 Plus- 12 months of additional warranty after start up by a qualified NH3 Plus Technician. We’ll even provide the first oil analysis kit FREE!

Superior Lubricant : NH3 PLUS ARO-717HC Oil has a unique closed molecular structure making it extremely thermal and oxidatively stable, extending the life of the oil thousands of hours over conventional ammonia refrigeration lubricants. It has lubricity twice that of conventional refrigeration oils used for, rotary screw, reciprocating and vane compressors, resulting in:

  • Non-carbonization = Cleaner systems
  • Up to 50% less oil carry-over
  • Less oil in evaporators
  • Less oil consumption
  • Clean systems = Less down time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Reduced wear = Longer machine life
  • Efficiency of heat transfer in evaporation

Superior Filtration : SuperFilter™ II Elements are more efficient and filter out smaller particles than ordinary oil filters.

  • Reduce cost
  • Provide longer life
  • Improve sealing
  • Decrease pressure drop
  • Increase filtration area
  • Replace filters in many older compressor packages

Why Not?

Call 877-NH3-PLUS today and ask for NH3 Plus-12 Coverage!