Design / Engineering Services

Industrial refrigeration project design and engineering

NH3 Plus has the staff and experience to engineer and design complete refrigeration systems from the ground up. We work with the customer directly throughout the design process to ensure all specifications and expectations are met to the closest degree.

Your budget and concept are developed prior to design of any project. Your vision will be explored and understood, and then survey the location and soon begin work to make that vision a reality. We use only top-quality industrial refrigeration parts and products, and we maintain a keen eye on budget with the customer throughout the project.

Our customers stay as involved as they wish, from the initial conversation to pre-construction to completion of project.

NO OUTSOURCING. All installations are done by our NH3 Plus staff. Owner Don Penix is regularly on the job sites and working with our crew throughout installations and building of projects.

DESIGN TAILORED TO YOUR LOCATION. We can’t stress enough how important a properly designed and constructed refrigeration system is to businesses such as food processing plants, wineries, storage facilities and retail or wholesale stores. We inspect and consider all aspects of your location and any factors that could affect the operation of the new system.

After determine appropriate measures and specs that will work for the project, we meet these goals to ensure the system will maintain optimum performance.

RELIABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP. We stand behind our staff’s work and ensure all craftsmanship is accomplished at the highest level, meeting the design’s specifications and budget.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY TRAINING. NH3 Plus is devoted to utilization of the latest industrial refrigeration technology that enhances the parts and products we deliver to our customers.

Training is one of our highest priorities and part of our culture. By providing our team with ongoing in-house and technical training, our NH3 Plus Service technicians stay ahead of today’s latest technologies.