System Preventative Maintenance Programs

system preventative maintenance california
Prevent future issues with Preventative Maintenance Programs

We’re always eager to add new customers and relationships. Let us manage your cooling systems with regular, scheduled attention that will maintain the systems and prevent problems.

Included in NH3 Plus Preventative Maintenance Programs:

•  Visual inspection of unit. Look for signs of corrosion, unusual vibrations, oil stains, moisture, leaks, etc.
•  Compressor inspection.
•  Check fan operations, motor performance, oil levels.
•  Cleaning or replacement of filters and driers.
•  Lubrication of motors (if applicable).
•  Verification of secure electrical and ground connections.
•  Verify correct pressure, timers and safety control settings and operation.
•  Search out any high concentration of acid or moisture.
•  Check refrigeration cycle.
•  Verify all mounts, fasteners, brackets, etc. are secure and remain as constructed.
Our maintenance programs may improve the function of your business in a variety of ways.

Diagnoses, rebuilds and upgrades of current system.

If you’re already experiencing problems that need attention, we’re here for you. Contact us today for immediate inspection of your system and an estimate on repair. Many times the problems may not be as bad as you anticipate.

We’ll give you the immediate attention you need, start the project and return your refrigeration system to complete working order as quickly as possible.

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs will then give your system the regular attention it needs to prevent future problems, and head off problems before they occur and impact your business.

Design and engineering of new system.

NH3 Plus implements our Preventative Maintenance Programs into all new systems we design and build. This ongoing maintenance will accomplish your objective with a new refrigeration system, and that’s to keep the system at the highest level of working order at all times.

Once the project is complete, we focus on the new system’s efficiency and performance. This is done by scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual checkups that include the appropriate inspections and service to your system.